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High Voltage Insulator Coating

High Voltage Insulator Coating

                                          RTV SILICONE RUBBER COATING


The high voltage insulators are exposed to harsh environmental conditions as high temperature and moisture and as well as serious pollutions due to coastal, industrial, agricultural and desert regions. These factors result in high leakage current over the surface of ceramic and glass insulators that may leads to flashover.
Proper Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) silicone rubber coating over the surface of porcelain and glass insulators combines their high mechanical strength with superior hydrophobicity behavior of silicone rubber that leads to extremely reduction of leakage current in areas with high pollution.

Si-COAT® 570™ from CSL Silicones Inc.
Insulation coating used by SIMCATEC, Si-COAT® 570™ and Si-COAT® 570hs™ are one-part RTV Polysiloxane (silicone). Their unique and patented formulation provides a highly hydrophobic surface for its entire life. These coating are not affected by UV light, corona discharge, chemical contaminants, salt, extreme temperature or corrosive environments.
Si-COAT® 570™ High Voltage Insulator Coating (HVIC) is engineered with exact amounts of non-reactive low molecular weight silicone and ingredients with precise particle sizes for optimum performance and reliability that discovered by engineers and chemists at CSL Silicone, Inc.
Today the Canadian CSL Silicones Inc. with near to 30 years of extensive, deep and successful experience and presence in hundreds huge projects from south Africa to the north of America, is the most famous and highly valued provider of RTV Silicone High Voltage Insulator Coating in all over the world.
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It is with a great pleasure for SIMCATEC that is known for more 20 years as pioneer for execution many successful HVIC projects in Iran power system networks, has been selected by CSL as exclusive representative for HVIC products in all over the Iran.


      Si-COAT® 570™ characteristics and practical information
                                                  Si-COAT® 570hs™ characteristics and practical information

ALSTOM Transmission and Distribution has carried out a new Transmission System under phase IV project in Qatar during 1996-98. The system consists of 220KV and 132KV totaling 300Km network.
Overhead line insulators are SEDIVER toughened glass and one third are coated with CSL Silicones Inc.’s Si-COAT® 570™ RTV silicone product. This coating was selected for its long-term sustainable hydrophobicity.
On this project, Si-COAT® 570™ has now been working in the coastal salt fog, heavy industrial and urban pollution since early 1996 without wash maintenance work.
ALSTOM T&D, Paris, France

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