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At the same time with flourishing application of silicone rubber in producing insulators for power industry Simcatec industrial group ( salimcar Takmil ) started his activity with manufacturing of composite silicone rubber insulators and rtv silicone rubber coating on porcelain and glass insulators as well since 1998 .
Simcatec started with producing 63 kv suspension insulators via technology transfer agreement with sdiver under license and cooperation with Sediver company from france.
Also in order to expanding production capacity and producing insulators for 132, 230 and 400 kv insulators, by signing technology transfer agreement with Sino company from china installed a new production line and started with producing

EHV insulators and interphase spacer as well at year 2013.We also made a technology transfer agreement with jinguan Co. big and most
Famous lightning arrester manufacturer in China and in the world as well

At year 2015 for producing lightning arresters for medium and high voltage level
Up to 230 kv level.

At the same time we start negotiation with CSL Company from Canada in order to sign agreement to become their exclusive representative in Iran and neighboring
Countries, CSL did required evaluations about our reliability and marketing then

Signed exclusive representative and long term cooperation with us.

And we did the same contract with Streamer Co. from Switzerland manufacturer of multi compartment lightning arresters.

We also signed a transfer technology and cooperation agreement for producing medium voltage lightning arresters.

Simcatec Co. could get high tech industries license for producing digital power consuming measurement instrument and started production since 2018.

Nowadays variety and quality of our production and services is our credit.

And now we can say Simcatec is:
First producer of impenetrable silicone rubber insulator here in Iran.
Firs executer of RTV silicone rubber coating.
First high voltage composite lightning arrester.

The only ABB license owner for manufacturing MV lightning arrester.
CLS exclusive distributor and executor.

Streamer exclusive distributor.

High voltage and mechanical tests laboratory.

Qualification rank from the program and Budget organization.

Member of high tech industries group.

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