Products    Composite silicone rubber insulators for MV and HV OHTL
Overhead transmission line composite insularors
Due to unique physical and electrical characteristics of silicone rubber insulators and their satisfactory performance reports against pollution and vandalism, using composite insulators started in Iran from about 20 years ago. There are various manufacturing methods for producing composite insulators, the latest and best method is impenetrable injection molding nowadays
The materials is used for producing this kind of insulators mainly is:
Ecr fiberglass rod as insulator core to maintain mechanical property.
HTV silicone rubber to maintain a suitable protection cover for rod which is better to use 1A4.5 grade.
and sheds for maintain required creepage distance as well.
End metal fittings made of forged Galvanized steel to maintain connections of insulator to cross-arm and conductor clamp.
Simcatec Co. also after required evaluations about long term performance reports of these insulators in various environmental conditions selected impenetrable injection molding method and started to produce composite silicone rubber insulators as pioneer manufacturer of this kind insulators in Iran.


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